Get Your Feet Wet!

The Work Exchange Team is a program where you can volunteer your time for your favorite music festival events in exchange for a ticket to the festival! The more festivals you work, the more opportunities you unlock in your WET Preferences, such as working backstage departments, getting first dibs at pre festival positions (getting all of your work obligation out of the way before the event even begins!), and more! As you complete your work at each event, we will award you stars based upon how well you worked! As you rack up stars per each department you work, you will unlock the ability to work special departments that will put you in contact with music professionals, allowing you to build your music resume, or just enjoy a great time with other music lovers! As you rack up your department stars, your Credential Level goes up! Work with us to get your All Access Pass – unlocking all departments and special opportunities, as well as possible paid opportunities in your area in the music industry!

Ready to get started?
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